Chasing The Aurora

I have always been fascinated about the Northern Lights (Aurora) and at the beginning of 2015 I decided to take an interest in capturing it. I was lucky enough to capture this phenomenon on my second outing which was ironically on St Patricks Day. Such an immense feeling to finally witness a magnificent spectacle. Below are two photos taken that evening which turned out quite well as it was my 1st attempt at night photography. They were both taken at Dunluce Castle which you can see in the foreground.

The 2nd shot has the foreground lit up by another photographers torch, giving an eerie touch to the photo bringing up detail of the castle ruins.

The above venture kept the cravings at bay until a few days before christmas. It started with me getting inundated with all sorts of notifications of a huge storm predicted. Gear packed and straight up to the previous spot of Dunluce Castle. This time it was a totally different experience as the foreground was lit by a full moon, ideal for getting some snaps. The below photo shows a green belt that was present for around an hour and a half. With no other activity I decided to move location to make use of the moon light.

I decided to head towards The Giants Causeway, got out of the car at the visitor centre and the sky was alive with activity. Grabbed my camera for a quick snap which you can see below. High ISO causing a lot of noise, excitement getting the blame as I panicked with the thought of missing it. A car flew past me during the shot which is visible to the right of the photo. So I rushed to the car and followed suit, still unsure that it was legal lol.

Once I got down it was then a struggle to get a spot where I wasn't getting in the way of any of the other photographers. Below are a couple I managed to get while there was still some activity.