Lough Neagh Long Exposure

Over the past month I have been eager to get out and take some landscape pictures with my LEE ten stop filter. The original plan was to head off to Oxford Island and get a few snaps of the new jetty along with the old one situated along side it, but due to the high tide recently the old jetty has disappeared under the high level of water now at Lough Neagh. The high water line sort of ruined the shot I intended for the new jetty, so plan B as always is to go explore. After a lot of driving and asking the locals I found a great scene, choosing my first angle I set up my gear and took the picture below.

I would love to say it was as easy as that, but its wasn't. Getting set up was a challenge, walking along the old beams felt like walking a tight rope over the Niagara Falls. Time and time again once I got into position the wind died down, as my long exposure was about to end it blew a gale and caused a slight bit of camera shake ruining the shot, aswell as nearly sending me over the edge. After I was happy enough with the results I moved to a different position to get another angle, this time wading through the water to get the photo below .

Lough Neagh Jetty 2

As the rain began to stay for longer periods I cut my loses and moved to my third and final position. Again I waded through the water around knee height to set up and capture the image below.

Lough Neagh Jetty 3

Thanks for taking the time to read through my latest post, I will be attempting to update my blog a few times a month so come back soon.